Importance of Dedicated Internet Access for Businesses

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service performs consistently day in and day out, and has guaranteed minimums and uptime. DIA service is sold as a rated speed, not an “up to” speed.  DIA is like having your own personal lane on the Information Superhighway as opposed to sharing the same traffic lanes as everyone else. Everyone knows that at certain times of the day traffic becomes congested. Even express lanes, like “business class” offers, aren’t always a sure thing. But, when you have a personal, dedicated lane you will be traveling at exactly the speed you were guaranteed.
In today’s marketplace fiber optics are often the delivery method of choice for the national carriers to deploy Dedicated Internet Access. Cloud Adenaline provides DIA at 99.999%. 
In many cases Cloud Adrenaline can provide a “Cadillac” Internet experience to companies that previously thought this level of reliability (via fiber) was out of their grasp.  If your business’ success is absolutely reliant upon the Internet, Cable and DSL Internet service translates into your company losing money. Switch to a Dedicated Internet Access provider through Cloud Adrenaline today to stop losing money on your business Internet service.


Cloud Adrenaline is pleased to announce SKYFIBER.   SKYFIBER is a revolutionary internet service based on  hybrid Fiber/Microwave technology.  This allows us to deliver speeds up to 1Gbps at a much lower build out cost vs other technologies.  As companies continue to adopt Cloud Services ultra fast, reliable, and dedicated internet access is required.  With direct access to out data centers and with MPLS/T1/MetroE/VES and more available we can ensure optimal performance of your applications.